A New Press For An Indigenous World

Many years ago, a conversation sprung up online about the need for an all Native press.  One that would publish content exclusively about Native and Indigenous people.  Over course, there were and are, many incredible presses and publishers, large and small, that have produced the greatest names in Native literature to many of the up and coming folks as well.  Yet the majority of these publications came out of university presses or big houses that also produced other great content.  What was needed, as the conversation went, was an independent publisher to produce Native-centric works of fiction, or non-fiction, or whatever, that would have a positive impact on mainstream literature by continuing the expansion of Native lit.

After the establishment of INC Comics in 2012, as the first, all-Native comic book publishing company, the need for a broader Indigenous publishing agenda became more clearly defined.  Moreover, the lack of multicultural literature for children and young adults was made evident by the work of Debbie Reese (and her fabulous blog American Indians In Children's Literature) and guided the decision regarding the creation of Native Realities Press.

Native Realities originally began in 2001 as the online literary journal of Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers.  The idea was to create a space for Wordcraft members to explore new areas of writing and offer a platform for emerging writers to build their resumes and hone their craft.  After several years, Native Realities went dark but like the phoenix of old, has been resurrected to become a new platform to engage writers and readers in the modern understandings of Native realities.

Native Realities is not just a catchy title but our focus in approaching Native and Indigenous literature for a new generation.  Rather than a focus on the past, or the continued historicization of Native people, we want to develop dynamic and engaging stories of Native and Indigenous people in the here and now; what their lives are like and what their dreams are like as well.  From space adventures to code talkers to modern coming of age tales, Native Realities offers empowering stories of people who continue to survive and thrive.

We hope you will join us on this new (or old) adventure as we seek to build Native Realities into a publishing presence that will be heard throughout the world!